Thursday, July 30, 2015

Glass Window

Glass Window

Acrylic on paper
70 X 49 cm

This painting is the first piece in the development of some work that I have been thinking about for some time.  The idea began as I started to see the curtain of water framing the barrel more as a window. When I started to look at it in this way I was struck by the idea of it being much like a stained glass window.

This idea struck a cord relating to how we value things. Stained glass is a luxury item - well I suppose glass windows are fairly luxurious in themselves.  However stained glass has been used throughout the world to share ideas, beliefs, to advertise, influence and signify wealth.  All these aspects began to make me think about the precious nature of a 'water' stained glass window. They are produced on every shore but few people spend the time immersed in water, in nature, to catch a glimpse. They are here for a split second and cannot be owned and yet the effects created are incredibly beautiful.

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